We are a team of scientists and engineers that brings together diverse sets of expertise from quantitative biology to machine learning. We are a Y Combinator (S17) company and are backed by prominent angel investors and seed-stage VCs.



Oguzhan Atay, PHD

Co-founder and CEO

Oguzhan is responsible for implementing BillionToOne's vision and for all day-to-day management decisions. During his PhD at Stanford, he has combined machine learning and genetics to solve problems in cell biology. His PhD research has been featured as Cover Article in Cell Systems, and his work has been published in high-impact peer-reviewed journals, including Cell and Journal of Cell Biology.

Previously, Oguzhan graduated summa cum laude and PBK from Princeton University with a Bachelor's in Molecular Biology and minors in Physics, Computer Science, and Applied Mathematics. When not working, he loves reading science fiction.


Sukrit Silas, PHD

Co-founder and CSO

Sukrit leads BillionToOne's experimental test development and clinical trials. He has done his PhD in the Chemical and Systems Biology department at Stanford as an HHMI Graduate Fellow, where he discovered a new class of CRISPR mechanism that uses reverse transcriptases - proteins that can turn RNA into DNA - to allow bacteria to remember the makeup of infectious RNA molecules. This work has been published in the leading peer-reviewed journal Science.

Previously, he was a Gates Scholar at Cambridge, and holds an AB in Molecular Biology from Princeton. When not in lab, he enjoys Scuba, cooking sous vide steak, and trying to not fall off his skis.



Co-founder and CTO

David leads development of BillionToOne's bioinformatics pipeline and is the source behind many of the technological developments at BillionToOne. He has a PhD in Bioengineering from Rice University. Before his PhD, he was a software engineer at Adku and Groupon, where he leveraged big data to build recommendation engines and search engine marketing solutions.

David earned an AB in Physics from Princeton University. When not coding or pipetting, he enjoys rock climbing, backpacking and pursuing the perfect cup of coffee.






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